Computer Guided Implantology

Through Computer Guided Implantology and thanks to the use of sophisticated software, it will be possible to have a clear and very precise view of the case as well as to estimate step by step on the computer the whole process that will lead the patient to have his teeth within a few hours.

It will no longer be necessary to face long and painful operations, with consequent gingival incisions, bleeding and post-operative discomfort; the implants, in fact, will be applied without cutting nor suturing the gingiva and the prosthesis will be anchored to the dental implants on the same day.

My clinical cases

Resolution of aesthetic and functional problems in just one day
Patient’s request

The patient wanted to be able to smile again without being embarrassed  and complained about her need to solve several functional problems in her mouth. She had indeed some dental elements to be replaced, a few broken prosthetic crowns, bad teeth and an aesthetic that didn’t satisfy her at all.The patient was quite skeptical about going on a new rehabilitation program as she had already faced several very long and demanding treatments with previous dentists.

Treatment and results

We proposed to the patient the possibility of solving her problems within a single appointment through a guided implant surgery.The operation was minimally invasive as the implants were inserted without affecting the gums, without points and with absolute precision. The prostheses were immediately anchored to the implants on the same day.The technique that we used allows it to be minimally invasive: the treatment plan and the intervention are designed on the computer in 3D and everything is realized before the operation.