Dental Whitening Laser

Laser dental whitening: the perfect smile is everyone’s dream! 

Having beautiful, healthy and white teeth allows you to feel more confident when it comes to communicating with other people. According to a survey conducted by the American American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 92% of Americans declare that a dazzling smile is a fundamental key to their professional success. Since the teeth and the mouth are the most visible parts of our face and also the most significant in communication, a beautiful set of teeth is certainly an element capable of conditioning our psychological and emotional well-being.

Why do our teeth stain?

Over time the teeth wear down, the enamel becomes thinner and therefore they tend to stain more easily. Obviously, aging is not the only factor, since one of the main causes is genetic.

An honest dentist will point out that even undergoing teeth bleaching treatments it will not be possible to overcome a certain gradation: it will therefore be necessary to apply dental veneers in order to obtain even whiter teeth. Careful hygiene is essential for both healthy teeth and a whiter color. If you are lazy, if you do not use dental floss or mouthwash resulting in plaque proliferation it will be very difficult to have white teeth. Bad habits can be a further cause of yellow teeth. The main one is represented by smoking, but we must not underestimate the intake of certain foods and drinks such as coffee, fizzy drinks, candies, spices, licorice, chocolate etc.

What are the methods for a professional teeth whitening?

Professional dental bleaching, or power bleaching, is a method that can only be implemented in a dentist’s dental clinic; it uses the same masks also used at home, nevertheless here bleaching agents have an immediate effect: in a few minutes it is possible to obtain a noticeable lightening of the teeth. The dentist essentially uses three methods for teeth whitening: gel, power bleaching and laser.

Theeth whitening with gel 

The gel used by the dentist contains a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, about 35%. The product is applied to the teeth and is left to act for about 45 minutes under the light of a lamp (halogen, laser or plasma) which fixes it faster.

Teeth whitening with power bleaching 

It is an effective method both to enhance the whiteness of the teeth and to eliminate the yellowish patina that covers them. In this case, the dentist uses up to 38% of hydrogen peroxide in powder combined with an activator gel, and a light source – ultraviolet light, plasma, LED – which catalyzes the chemical reaction.

Teeth whitening with laser

In cosmetic dentistry, three types of power bleaching lasers are used: diode, Argon and CO2 lasers. The diode laser is the most widely used because, in addition to the whitening effect, its energy favors the penetration of the product into the dental tissue. Laser bleaching is a technology that in recent years has had a high diffusion in various fields and applications, and has also been widely used in the dental sector. The whitening treatment based on laser technology is in principle similar to the other professional methods and uses the same whitening products. The whitening effect is obtained through an oxidation process, using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as the active ingredient. In this case the laser is used as an activator that accelerates the chemical whitening process, allowing greater effectiveness than other bleaching methods. Laser whitening is a safe, painless technique that has no side effects, so much so that it is also indicated for those who suffer from gum disease or sensitivity. It also acts only on natural enamel, so prostheses, capsules and reconstructions will not suffer damage nor color changes.


First of all, an accurate examination of the mouth is carried out, checking its hygiene level, the presence of potential cavities, devitalizations and paradoxical pathologies that would preclude the treatment.

Subsequently, with the aid of the color scale, the whiteness of the teeth and the one to be achieved is identified along with the patient. Masks are then prepared to be used for post-treatment home maintenance.Before the whitening phase an accurate hygiene session is required, while for the actual whitening an initial photo is taken, a protective compound is applied to the gums, while a special bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. With the use of the laser, the action of the gel that penetrates deeply into the enamel is activated and intensified.

The product is left to act for 15/30 minutes depending on the shade to be reached. Both the patient and the doctor will wear special glasses to protect their eyes. The treatment is carried out within a single session and once it has been completed it is advisable to refrain from the use of tobacco, coffee, tea and particularly colored foods / drinks that could stain the enamel for the following 2-3 days. In fact, after the treatment the tooth surface is more porous and therefore it absorbs pigmented substances much more easily.