Minimally invasive computer guided implantology

The loss of natural teeth is a highly debilitating event from a functional point of view (it entails chewing difficulties, loss of solidity of the dental arch, displacement of the adjoining teeth, etc.) as well as in terms of aesthetics, as the smile armony will inevitably be compromised.

For years, traditional implantology techniques were the only solutions used to replace one or more missing dental elements. Today surgery is no longer the only solution!

Through computer-guided implantology and the use of sophisticated software, it will be possible to have a precise and accurate implant placement for each case, estimating step by step on the computer the whole procedure that will lead the patient to a wonderful smile makeover.

It will no longer be necessary to face long and painful operations, with consequent gingival incisions, bleeding and post-operative discomfort; the implants, in fact, will be positioned without cutting not suturing the gingiva and the prosthesis will be anchored to the dental implants on the same day.

Computerized implantology has enormously revolutionized implant treatment, guaranteeing less invasive surgical procedures and greater comfort for the patient who will no longer have to face the fear and stress of repeated and painful sessions.

The patient must, as a first step, undergo a particular CT scan. The data collected will be transferred to a computer and thanks to a particular software will be processed and transformed into 3D (three-dimensional) images, which will give the doctor the exact vision of the operative field.

With the use of a particular mask (surgical template) the dentist will see exactly where to drill in order to insert the implant and then the prosthesis; in this way the patient will be able to leave the dental clinic with the new prosthesis. This will allow the patient to chew speak, eat and chew normally.

With guided implantology it will no longer be necessary to wait for the osseointegration and healing of wounds caused by incisions and consequent sutures; study sessions will also be drastically reduced, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety, especially for patients who are fearful of the dentist.
On the contrary, the handcrafted veneers I use are able to give the highest aesthetic and maximum long-lasting quality over time.

My dental veneers are entirely handcrafted by the clinician and dental technician and have a maximum thicknesses of 0.4 mm; their application does not require the removal of the tooth substance and the operation can be performed even without sedation. The aesthetic effect is perfectly natural and bespoke. The handmade veneers are hand-painted one by one to achieve the nuances of the natural tooth and are baked in the oven along with pure platinum leaves so as to ensure the maximum resistance to fracture once they have been applied to the tooth.

Once cemented they will become one with the tooth and, thanks to their extremely thin thickness, they will not be perceived by the patient. Also, they won’t affect in any way the patient’s speaking and eating habits. Furthermore, won’t need to be replaced over time; the color will not fade away nor will be stained, regardless of the patient’s eating habits..