Teeth and Photoshop? No, thanks!

In today’s world, made up of great expectations of the patient and increasing disputes (with particular regard to aesthetic dentistry), it has become essential to accurately and scrupulously document all the clinical cases of each patient, also through the use of photographs.

The visual image, in fact, makes understanding the treatment plan much simpler and easier, so that in the first visit the photos are now part of my studio’s operational protocol.

For each new patient we show photos of the clinical cases of other patients who have been treated in our study and have similar problems to his. The photos are a fundamental element also for the dental technician who can more easily reproduce the shape, color, translucency, transparency of the teeth and consequently create a prosthesis of high aesthetic value.

A dentist who does not provide photos of the clinical cases previously dealt with must be viewed with suspicion; a careful and rich documentation of every work done is an essential element to guarantee safety and reliability.

Obviously it is necessary an investment in terms of money on the part of the clinician who will have to purchase cameras of the latest generation in order to best render the image presented to him live and also in terms of time to train and learn the mechanisms of clinical digital photography .

For these reasons some professionals prefer to use images taken on standardized internet or retouch poor quality photos with Photoshop, creating unrealistic expectations.

Despite the proliferation of aesthetically retouched and obviously false aesthetic models, quality work by a serious dentist can still make a difference, without tricks and without deception. A nice smile doesn’t want Photoshop.

Vedi il caso clinico dello studio dentistico Neri Pinzuti

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