10 reason to stay away from low cost dental centres

They promise low cost dazzling smiles, dental cleaning for € 40 and all-inclusive facilities for a few hundred euros. At the rate of one a month in the most important cities of Italy, low-cost dental centers have been expanding all across Italy and have become the real novelty of the moment within the dental field.

What exactly are low cost dental centers?

Low cost dental centre are mega structures, often set up using capitals coming from abroad (especially from Spain) that offer very competitive prices. The staff is very big and often made up of recent graduates, which may lead us to think that they practise on the patients’ mouths. Every day we hear of episodes of medical malpractice in the orthodontic field caused by the use of shoddy materials and prostheses that come from India, Turkey, China and that allow low-cost centers to cut costs by 50% compared to normal private centres. Sometimes a patient can get lucky and get acceptable results but you cannot literally pretend to buy a Ferrari for the price of a Panda. Low cost dentists are not benefactors, they simply cut back on the purchase of low quality materials. Therefore, we can say that a low-cost dentist earns as much as a standard dentist.

We would like to summarize in 10 points the reasons why you should stay away from low-cost centres:

  1. Dentistry is a detail-oriented profession which requires a high specialization, advanced technology, quality control and continuous updating of the professionals working in this field. All this takes time, investment and money.
  2. The only way to earn money by offering low rates is to treat many patients in a short length of time. However, dental care must respect biological times, sometimes even very long ones. It is therefore impossible to carry out a high quality job in a short time.
  3. The dentist can recognize in a few steps if a job has not been performed well. Often it takes a long time before a patient can see for himself the side effects of a work not well performed. On top of that, low-cost centres rarely account for their own actions in the long term.
  4. We can appreciate the success of a therapy over the years, as it must be controlled and maintained over time. This requires a strict organization and highly specialized hygienists.
  5. Low cost centers invest huge amounts of money in advertising and promotion. Better to invest in technology and training.
  6. Low-cost dentists don’t really exist. Relying on recognized professionals makes it possible not to have to repeat the expenditure in the future, frustrating the initial savings. Moreover, medical services linked to publicly funded health care have a perceived limited cost (health ticket), but a real high cost (taxes and public deficit).
  7. Health is no joke and it is therefore wrong to rely on a dental centre only on the basis of the rates applied. Behind low rates there is often a lack of quality.
  8. The relationship of trust established with your dentist is fundamental. In large dental centres, patients are often treated by different professionals such as hospitals or local public clinics.
  9. All in all the treatments are not always as cheap as they are proposed by the advertisements of the great dental centres. Rates are often very similar to the average rates charged by Italian freelance dentists.
  10. Dental care service quality comes at a price. NO DENTISTRY THERAPY CAN BE PERFORMED IN JUST A WEEK.

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