Laser teeth bleaching

Having a beautiful smile with white teeth is the main feature when you want to make a good first impression, even in the workplace.

So how do you get healthy, whiter teeth?

Nowadays, several whitening techniques are available, starting from home-made approaches to professional ones at your dental clinic.
In dentistry the most used one is undoubtedly tooth whitening using LED or plasma lamps; however, it is not the safest and most effective technique.
In fact, for some years now the use of laser as a whitening technique has been introduced in the dental field, with different and more remarkable results compared to the classic lamps.

How do the two treatments work?

In both cases, a gel with hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the teeth to whiten them.
The difference between laser whitening and traditional lamps is given by the fact that the laser light is much more powerful than that of the lamps and allows a better penetration of the whitening substance into the tooth.


Furthermore, the laser allows a perfect and total control because a pen is used to precisely direct the light evenly along the entire surface of the tooth or in specific points of it. The treatment is entirely controlled and carried out by the operator. On the other hand, the lamps emit a beam of dispersive light that is not directed and cannot be controlled. In this way the teeth are constantly exposed to the light of the lamp for at least 20 minutes, undergoing a thermal shock that can lead to pre- and post-treatment hypersensitivity, which is irreversible in some cases.

Another remarkable difference is that the laser lingers on the single tooth for very short periods, about 10 seconds, without ever affecting the pulp of the tooth.
The laser has no contraindication and is also recommended for those who suffer from dental sensitivity.

The laser has more lasting effects. If a correct dental hygiene routine is maintained the results can last up to 2 years.

In my opinion the laser represents a breakthrough in terms of performance and benefits compared to the classic whitening treatments still used today in many dental clinics. I really suggest going to professional clinics and paying attention to scams!

In fact, very often the lamps are mistakenly called lasers.

Watch my video and you will understand what to expect from a true laser treatment!