Additive Dentistry

Patient’s request

The patient wanted to solve his issues linked to a deep bite. Because of this problem the upper front teeth came into contact with the lower gums creating discomfort in the masticatory function as well as a greater tooth wear, because of an improper occlusion.

 The patient did not want to be given an orthodontic therapy (the classic black bands on the teeth). He wanted to solve his aesthetic problem of stains on his teeth instead, as it genereated great problems in his social life. The patient had already tried whitening treatments but without success, which had made the stains even more evident.


Treatment and results

To solve his functional and aesthetic problem, we suggested that the patient used an additive technique by covering his teeth with highly resistant veneers and crowns without touching the teeth at all. Within just two appointments the patient returned to smile.


Additive Dentistry